Carlton W. Stanley - P.G.E.R.
President Tri-State Association

" thank each Officer, elected and appointed, and all members of this State Association for your continued efforts to serve so vigorously in your positions while promoting the programs of Elkdom. We are known for our social service arm which gives us the platform to do for other people without the thought of individual recognition."

Officers - Trustees


Bro. Carlton W. Stanley ---------------State President

Bro. James Sprowl --------------- First Vice President

Bro. James Chester ------------Second Vice President

Bro. Fred Martin ----------------- Third Vice President

Bro. Edward W. Williams, Jr. ---- Financial Secretary

Bro. Raymond Pierce ------------------------ Treasurer

Bro. Gregory Conley --------------------------- Esquire

Bro. Alonzo Reese ------------------------ Inner Guard

Bro. Kenneth Spates ------------------------------ Tiler

Bro.                         ---------------------------- Recorder

Bro. Robert Garrrett -------------- Assistant Recorder

Bro. William Wallace ------------------------- Chaplain

Bro. Norman Mullens --------------- Chief of Security



Bro. Allen Brown

Bro. Robert Alston

Bro. William Jiles

Bro. Terry Porter

Bro. Vincent Moore

Bro. Percy James


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