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Lodges and Temples

What is the organizational structure of the Elks?


This question is one that was asked by Grand District Deputy Emeritus Brother Joseph Melvin Smith in a booklet written by him and titled 'Welcome to The Elks' dated April 8, 2014.


Answer -


Basically, our Brothers have four main bodies - The Grand Lodge, the State Associations, the Councils, and the local Lodges.


For the Daughters there are also four main bodies - The Grand Temple, the State Association Auxiliaries, the Councils, and the Temples. 


To review the listings of the respective State Lodges and Temples or the Councils that constitute The Tri-State Association, please click Maryland, Delaware, District of Columbia, or Councils.

Click on to the City, State and Zip-code to get the Lodge or Temple location.

Go to the Tri-State Association Map page for additional directions.

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