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Officers - Trustees - Auditors

Bettie L. Weems - PGDR
DOE President Tri-State Association

'...Let's continue to pray for Peace and Harmony within our Order and for the World. "For yesterday is but a dream, And tomorrow is only a vision. And today well-lived makes Every yesterday a dream of happiness And tomorrow a vision of hope."'


Dgt. Bettie L. Weems ----------------- State President

Dgt. April Lewis ------ ------------ First Vice President

Dgt. Barbara Peace  ----------- Second Vice President

Dgt. Melinda Deloatch-Speight ---------------Chaplain

Dgt. Tiawana Silver ----------------------- Conductress

Dgt. Carolyn Conway-Branch - Assistant Conductress

Dgt. Ethel Taylor(acting) --------- Financial Secretary

Dgt. Ethel Taylor ----------- Asst. Financial Secretary

Dgt. Margaret A. Selby ---------------------- Treasurer

Dgt. Muriel Hicks ------------------------------ Organist Dgt. Joan Jackson --------------- Recording Secretary

Dgt. Jakki Fowlkes -------- Asst. Recording Secretary

Dgt. Dorothy McLaurin -------------------- Doorkeeper

Dgt. Denise Little  ------------------- Asst. Doorkeeper

Dgt. Agnes V. Fenwick -------------------- Gatekeeper

Dgt. Sharon Smith Adams ---------- Asst. Gatekeeper




Dgt. Victoria Blue                    Dgt. Deborah King

Dgt. Candace Todd                  Dgt. Sandra Ray

Dgt. Joy Walker


Dgt. Jessica Fenwick

Dgt. Sharon Chester

Dgt. Ruth McCuin

Arts and Crafts Chairperson…..Dgt. Rose Townsend

Arts and Crafts Secretary........Dgt. Patricia Walker

State Nurse..................................Dgt. Barbara Peace




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